October 22, 2010

Three lovely cheeky monkeys

I almost forgot to blog about this photo shoot of this family of three little lovely cheeky monkeys ... I think that in this case there is not too much to say as the photos just speak for themselves :)

October 12, 2010

Elisa and Daniele's Pre Wedding... meet the eyes!

Well, well, well... what a week! First of all, I just want to say a huge thanks to Martin Grahame-Dunn from The Academy - Images2Inspire for the brilliant and inspiring day we spent together last week. I have known Martin for quite a while and he is constantly following and inspiring my photography.... thanks Martin!
That said, another great day was had for Elisa and Daniele's Pre Wedding. They are getting married in London but have lots of guests coming from Italy. I am really looking forward to their wedding now. Elisa is from North Italy and works as a brand manager for a company that manufactures Eco-friendly furniture. Daniele is Sicilian and works as a management consultant for a major bank in Canary Wharf. They have been in London since 2007, living in Angel and enjoy favourite places like Camden Passage and its vintage market (where Elisa is always on the look out for a good bargain!) and Regents Canal with its boats and pubs overlooking the water and that "relaxed Sunday afternoon feeling".
They love London very much and I think it comes through well in their photos. Oh, and notice their eyes -- they have these incredible colourful eyes and even their lovely cat Diesel has huge shining green eyes too :)

October 05, 2010

Amelia and Giuseppe's Wedding

Apart from doing exhibitions in Italy and chatting and meeting new and old friends, I also had to work too... :)
This beautiful wedding took place about a month ago, Amelia and Giuseppe are a lovely young couple that held a great wedding (more than 250 guests!) with the reception at the Parco Chiaramontano "La Segreta" within the Castello di Siculiana, a castle built around 1300 on top of a hill in the centre of Siculiana.
The venue was absolutely amazing ... and the food too :) I hope that the photos will give you a feel for that Italian elegant shining style!