July 20, 2012

Francesca and Diego's Wedding

... and back to weddings now! 
After blogging about my recent commercial work, the time is right to post about some amazing couples I have been photographing this year, and to share with you some snaps from their fantastic wedding days.
I have known Francesca and Diego for over two years now, we met at one of my client’s weddings in London. We clicked immediately, and I actually involved them in my Italian project www.londrabeautifulpeople.com.
Well, they got married in London at the end of May and it was such a great, funny, original, colorful and spicy (check out the bouquet!) wedding at Camden Town hall with the reception at The Union Club in Soho. Francesca wore two different dresses and prepared and organized all the candies and cupcakes. But best of all (and about as original as it is possible to be!), the wedding cake was made out of a collection of cheeses from different countries!
Hope you like the photos :)