February 22, 2011

Roxy and Guy 's Pre Wedding at Emirates Stadium

I first met Roxane and Guy last year when they were looking for a photographer for their wedding day. Within minutes of meeting I was struck by what a fantastically unique couple they are!
Roxy and Guy are both die-hard supporters of Arsenal, and are so enamored with their club that they actually live in the old stadium (it was converted into homes when the team moved to the new Emirates Stadium). But it doesn't stop there ... their wedding reception is going to be in the new Emirates stadium .... wow wow wow! So obviously their pre-wedding photo session just had to be near the stadium too! What a fun day we had, even if the weather wasn't exactly on our side.
Oh, and did I say how Guy popped the question? You would never guess ... If you happen to be walking  near the stadium one day, have a look and you might just see a plaque in the pavement just in front of the entrance which simply says: "Darling Roxane, will you marry me".
WHAT A COUPLE!  Can't wait to see their Wedding ;)


February 14, 2011

Marco Travaglio and Antonio Padellaro at the London School of Economics

I shot the photos of this post last Friday at the London School of Economics.
The talk "Cosa abbiamo imparato in questi 150 anni" was given by Marco Travaglio (author and journalist) and Antonio Padellaro (Director of newspaper `Il Fatto Quotidiano') and it was organized by the
LSE Students' Union Italian Society as part of their `Italian week'.